How much capacity does MTN have available at any given time?

MTN are able to produce tools for group projects. We work with companies that role-out multi-product of up to 50-60 tools, these we support very easily for automotive and white goods. We are able to produce 110-120 tools every year as average.

MTN is strategically placed in an area of industrial zone  that  very close to Ataturk airport ISTANBUL.  MTN are well supported with the supplier for the nonstop working in three shift.

What is the maximum tool size built by MTN Mold?

The biggest tool produced by MTN is 2200mm length by 1300mm width. However we can go up to 20 tone.

Does MTN include an Inspection Report and Capability Study as a complete project solution?

MTN offers the full package; this includes a First Article Inspection report, done on modern CMM and other advanced equipment by qualified engineers as standard. Capabilities studies are done when required by the customer.

Will my project be allocated a project manager?

This is without question the corner stone of our business and deservingly any project from one tool up to multiple tool projects get a designated project manager. He/she will coordinate the internal resources to ensure a successful completion.

MTN engineering capabilities?

  • Designers:14
  • 2D and 3D mold design.
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Data transfer format
  • X_T (Parasolid)
  • IGS
  • STEP
  • DXF

Our strength;

  • High precision mold
  • Multi cavity hot runner mold
  • Two-shot mold
  • Over mold
  • Unscrewing mold
  • Low pressure injection
  • Sequential injection
  • 4 Engineer can do Co design
  • For customer Resource and development experience. and has some patent.
  • Every week mold progress report with digital photo sending with ftp link.
  • Very good planning with successful ERP system equipment with barcode system.
  • Young and high motivated workers.
  • Painted parts and Chrome parts molds experiance.

Are your main supplier’s local to MTN Mold?

All the steel, mould bases, hot runner and texture services are available with local agent for  MTN Mold.

Are MTN able to provide Mold flow and Warpage reports?

In 2005 MTN  invested in an advanced seat of Mold flow CADMOLD /warp/cool, we are now actively providing our customers with full reports. It provides us with an advantage when designing tools and optimizing cost, process and product design.

MTN using software for calculating price and planning. So MTN is reliable and stable price policy and planning.

What is project traceability and protection? 

MTN using internal web server  only authorized  person can  do

The server is protected by a firewall and access provided to the customers designated project to selected persons only.

Data Server uses at MTN. According to work necessity, workstation is used for application request. There is an authorized person who is responsible all data protection and file copies. All emails are following by on the system. Received all files are saving by date.  All project process are following with the date’s code.

Are your main supplier’s local to MTN Mold? 

All the steel, mould bases, hot runner and texture services are available with local agent for  MTN Mold.


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