Mould Trial

Mould Trial

MTN carries out in-house trials of the moulds produced. The moulds are tested under conditions suitable for mass production in trial injections of various capacities and dimensions.

Reports are prepared by our firm for each trial made. These trials and associated reports have provided us with significant experience . After the approving the parts, the customer is invited to demonstrate the operational system of the mould and to provide all necessary information. If required, preliminarymass production up to a certain quantity can also be undertaken.

We have very close connection in the sectors dealing with injection molding machine , temperature control, cooling and otomation system together with them we make convince customer to find most suitable serial working concept and the ideal solution for part production.

Time to set the result.

A trial is run on appropriate injection machinery in our premises to check the dimensions of the moulds and whether or not they are functioning properly.

The final decision on whether or not the procedure has been successfully completed is taken during the trial with the raw materialafter the production phase is finished and the mould has been prepared.

MTN prepare mould to transfer with woden box according customer standart with all neccessery information and drawing in it.


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