Metin Güler, the founder and Chairman of the Board at MTN Kalıp and MTN Plastic was born in Ordu/Gölköy in 1973.

He attended Kızılcahasan Elementary School and Ordu Industrial School in his hometown.

Following high school graduation, Güler enrolled at Marmara University, İstanbul and graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department as the youngest student.

Between 1993 and 1994, he took a job as a Sales and Training Engineer at Orsel Mühendislik. After his one year stint at this company Güler started working for Martı Denizcilik from 1994 to 1995 as the path to the remote engineer for the large tonnage ships.

In 1995 BYM and Form A.Ş recruited him as the CAD, CAM and Project Management Engineer for two years.

Eventually in 1997, Güler founded his company MTN Kalıp Sanayi Limited Şirketi.
Between 1997 and 2012 he served as General Manager of MTN Mold Company and in the past fifteen years, he and his team together with his 3 brothers built a well-known and respectable company for all automotive and white goods manufacturers.

Molds, parts and products has been exported by MTN to all Europe and South American countries ever since.

13 years after he founded MTN Kalıp, Güler invested in his second company MTN Plastic in 2010.

Being a demanding perfectionist in his business, he heavily invested in his own leadership and management skills by attending various courses and trainings as well.

In 2010 -2013 he oversaw 5 Research and Development projects. 4 of them were extremely successful and lucrative and for one of their projects MTN received the patent.

2013 has so far been a great year for Güler as he supervises a brand new project that focuses on the use of Plastic parts that are more functional than flexible material injection and injection system.

Güler started to serve as Chairman of the Board at MTN Kalıp and MTN Plastic Companies in 2013.

The two companies are proud members of the following Associations and NGOs: İSO, İTO, TAYSAD, UKUB, PAGEV, R&D Association.

He is a member of the Professional ITO 68.Committee for Plastic and Rubber.

Güler speaks English and married with two children.


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