He was born in 1973.
He graduated Kızılcahasan primary school in Gölköy / Ordu.
He graduated Aydoğan secondary school in Gölköy / Ordu.
He graduated Ordu Industrial Vocational High School.
He graduated Marmara University Machine Faculty as the youngest graduate in 1989-1993.
He worked in as sales and training engineer at Orsel Mühendislik Company in 1993-1994
He worked as ocean going engineer large tonnage ship at Martı Denizcilik Company in 1994-1995.
He worked as CAD, CAM and project management engineer at BYM ve Form 200 AŞ in 1995-1997.
He founded MTN Kalıp Company in 1997.
He worked as general manager at MTN Kalıp in 1997-2012.
In 15 years, with 3 brothers and all employees, he turned the company into a respected world company that produces molds and parts for all automotive and white goods manufacturers. MTN Kalıp exports mold, part and product to all European and South America country.
He founded MTN Plastik in 2010.
He had management trainings.
He had leadership trainings.
He managed 5 R&D project between 2010 and 2013.
He is working as CEO at MTN Kalıp Company and MTN Plastik Company.
He was elected as İTO 68. Plastic and Rubber Committee President in 2018.
He started to work as lecturer at İstanbul University in 2019.
He started to work as vice president at ÇOSB ÜSBÜK in 2019.
He started to work as advisory board member at PAGEV in 2020.
The associations and CSOs he is member: İSO, İTO, TAYSAD, UKUB, PAGEV, ÇOSB, ÇTSO, R&D Association.
He knows English.
He is married and he has 2 children.


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