Our Mission


Within the Automotive and Appliances Sector, to be first among all sectors in terms of business activities and requests for plastics injection molds, showing our strength in innovation while improving to be a known brand in global marketing, always developing the optimum solutions in terms of technological infrastructure and the capabilities of our employees.


An innovative approach, always creating value for our partners, while respecting people and the environment.


Customer orientation

Using our innovative power, technological infrastructure and the competence of our employees, we provide the optimum solution to customer requests with our product and service quality.

Innovation and openness to change

Developing creative new ideas to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders and solve their problems.


By strengthening the sense of openness and justice in our business relationships with all of our stakeholders, always acting in accordance with legal, contractual and human values in order to transform our company into a preferred guru by all stakeholders.

Impartiality and transparency

To fulfill our responsibilities to all our stakeholders through our fair, consistent and objective approach.

Our employees

Observing the contributions and efforts of our employees to company’s success, believing that they will lead us to more success by improving their competencies, appreciating them and creating the working environment preferred by new talents.


Plastic injection mold, automotive and household appliances, especially the needs of the sector at the global level in order to identify the most economical way and show production, operating within the law and the standard of ISO 9001:2008 QMS to achieve.

Development approach, all of our employees, our quality policy ownership, so that our customers technical partners for new projects and current manufacturing technologies hold to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Quality management system and plastic injection mold making, continuous improvement, development and provision of resources for this purpose for the optimal level of development of the financial perspective to show.


İOSB (İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi)  
Deparko Sanayi Sitesi Hürriyet Bulvarı  No:1/40
34306   Başakşehir  - İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE

Telefon : +90  212 675 27 80 (Pbx)
Mobil : +90 537 265 49 45
Faks : +90 212 675 27 83
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