Planning starts with the analysis of the data regarding the product.

In order to achieve the goals set, a program with regards to utilization of the sources is prepared and submitted. The production plan puts forth the goals set for each phase of production in terms of the time periods. It supports the main goal for realization of the targets established.

Production planning takes place in two stages:
Preparation of the production program and planning of the actual production.
Production programs show which products will be produced in a certain enterprise within a specified time period in which quantities and time periods. Planning of the actual production is made up of planning of the production preparations and planning of the procedure.

Just-in-time project is the result of a properly-made plan at the beginning.
For each customer a FTP account is created and the mould progress reports are automatically saved in this account. Depends of requirement, can seen for
mould parts which has each step of digital picture, real time movies and etc.
Being fast, in other words, completing a project within the required time is one of the most significant issues of today and a merit of utmost importance for
MTN. All of the moulds to be produced are programmed in a software prepared in accordance with certain rules. With the graphic tools available, improvement
can be controlled in a correct manner and comparisons can be made.


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